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Our Professional Team

  • Accomplished a Master’s Degree
  • Studying Master’s Degree
  • Accomplished a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Currently Studying a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Accomplished a certificate in early childhood education program



We are a team of 21 teaching staff members. Above 95% of our teachers are processing or equipped with a Bachelor’s degree or higher academic qualification.

Professional Support from EdUHK

The Department of Early Childhood Education of EdUHK supports our school in teacher development, curriculum design, school management, quality control and parent education. Experts of early years art education, music and psychology from the Department forms the Curriculum Development Committee to ensure that children are developing their skills accordingly in these particular areas.

The Center for Child and Family Sciences under the Faculty of Education and Human Development of EdUHK also ties a close connection with our school. Its research and public lectures create a platform for our teachers to bring up knowledge exchange.

Our Parent Engagement

In addition to taking parts in the Parent Teacher Association, parents are also invited to volunteer in our classroom activities, such as being the librarian and story teller, accompany children to outings and conduct topic sharing in our circle-time.